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"May Flowers by Design" is a distinctive Landscape Design Company that will design and install unique Perennial Gardens.

Small Space Gardening

Small Space Gardening

Gardening in a small space has its limits, but it need not be limiting. In a small garden, the gardener can pay attention to detail. You can keep on top of maintenance, while still having time to sit and enjoy your small garden.

In fact, many small space gardens are designed around entertaining and sitting areas, rather than the need to nurture plants.

Whatever your reasons for having a small garden, there is no reason it cannot be a well designed show stopper. Virtually any plant or garden style can be worked into a small garden space. The principles of good garden design still apply, but you'll need to tweak them slightly.

Planting a Patio or Terrace

Planting a Patio or Terrace

The main purpose of a patio or terrace is to have a place to relax and entertain. Surrounding yourself with the beauty of plants will make it that much easier.

Even non-gardeners now consider their patios an extension of their homes - a room without walls. Rather than just providing a view, interior design is carried from the inside out.

Front Yard Flower Beds

Front Yard Flower Beds

Have you ever thought about turning your front yard, a very public space, into a flower garden? Does the idea make you nervous? Some neighborhoods have a very well-defined aesthetic that centers on shrubbery and turf.

However, you can design a front yard flower garden that complements the look of your home, allows you to show your creative side, and draws the admiration of your friends and neighbors.

Flower Garden Care

Flower Garden Care

Installing a new flower garden requires considerable time, effort, and money. Most flower gardens don't reach their full potential for two to three years, especially when perennial flowers are the focus. It's true that flower gardens need more maintenance than lawns or mulched shrub areas, but it doesn't take a special skill set to care for a thriving garden.

If you've amended and tilled your garden soil until it's as fluffy as pancake mix, you've gotten your flowers off to a good start. Don't be surprised if, the following season, the soil looks like the same hardpan you had before you started the garden. Earthworms and microbes feed on organic matter in the soil, and your flowers have been feeding on this matter too. Add new organic matter and mulch to your flowerbeds every year to nourish roots and moderate soil temperatures.

Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care

Organic lawn care is much simpler than it seems. We've grown so used to the idea that a green, attractive lawn is attainable only through the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides. The fact of the matter is that a healthy organic lawn will naturally withstand weed and insect invasions. All but the toughest weeds are nothing against a thick, strong, deep-rooted lawn.

These five steps will result in a healthy, beautiful organic lawn: Get a Soil Test, Top Dress With Compost in Spring and Fall, Mow High, Water Deeply and Infrequently, Be Smart About Weeds.

Backyard Fire Pit

Backyard Fire Pit

Before building a fire pit, check the building codes in your area to get the proper specs and regulations. Choose a spot that is away from your house and away from any low-hanging trees or other structures. Take precautions when digging holes, so that you don't hit utility lines.

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    What People Say

  • Working with "May Flowers by Design" was a great experience. They listened to what I wanted to achieve for my garden and more than delivered with the results! They offered innovative suggestions and their professionalism and attention to detail was exceptional.

    In the end I felt that my new garden was truly a reflection of me! I can't wait to see it grow and change over the years to come...

    - R.M. (Georgetown)

  • Being "green thumb" challenged, I thought making my backyard into an oasis would be impossible. "May flowers by Design" made it possible. They spent lots of time with me planning and choosing plants, not only that I liked, but plants that would thrive and provide me with my unique garden. Their knowledge and advice are priceless.

    - - Carolynn Frain (Bolton)

  • "May flowers by Design" has a unique combination or artistic talent and sensibility. Their knowledge and experience are revealed throughout their designs. "May flowers by Design" is reputable and responsible. You can count on them to complete the task at hand at a level that would exceed your expectations.

    - - Roberta Colabufalo (Caledon)